Officiating Articles
Most of the following articles are found on a wonderful website created by Ed Rawlins located at  
Check it out as it is a wonderful resource.
High School Rules Photos in Color
Rule 5
2006-07 Near Fall Explanation, by Jim Woolnough
Near Falls, Rule 5-12-2 includes blood and injury, by Ed Rawlins
Wrestling Officiating Mechanics by Fred Feeney

Near Fall Visual Description, by Steve Long
Pre-Meet Duties Slide Show by Byron Olson
Rule 3
Rule 7
Figure Four and Head Scissors Slide Show by Duane Morgan 
Pre-Meet Duties Checklist from All American Athletic Association
Fleeing the Mat Article (Reprinted with permission of the NFHS)
Rule 6
Correctable Errors Article 2005-06 (Reprinted with permission of the National Federation of State High School Associations)
Rule 4
Skin Disorder Slide Show 
Stalling...It is Simple by Fred Feeney 
Coach Misconduct vs. Unsportsmanlike Conduct by Ed Rawlins 
Stalling, A Philosophy by Ed Rawlins 
Handling Coaches During the Match by Mike Pyle 
The Role of the Wrestling Referee by Ira Fleckman 
Preventive Officiating by Ira Fleckman 
Stalling by Fred Feeney 
Stalling, Toughest Call in Wrestling by Mike Pyle 
Be Prepared, A Wrestling Referee's Checklist by Ed Rawlins 
Establishing or Losing Control, by the Washington Officials Association 
Wrestling Refereeing for Beginners by Jim Woolnough 
Proactive Officiating by Duane Morgan
Handling Coaches During the Match by Mike Pyle
How to Become a Better Official by Jack Beard
A Self Evaluation Guide by Bert Lawlor 
Don't Blame the Ref by Ben Askren 
NFHS Penalty Chart
Rule 8
Be Sure of the Bite by Jim Vreeland 

Illegal Cradle Situation
How Do Referees Know When It’s Time To Stop and Hang Up the Whistle?  by Fred Feeney
You’re the Worst Official Ever! by Fred Feeney
Leg Wrestling - A guideline to calling stalemate and stalling
Skin Disease Information by W L. Dienst, Jr, MD; L Dightman, MD; M S. Dworkin, MD; R K. Thompson, MD
Skin Infections in Athletics by Dr. Randy Martin 
2001-2008 Rules Intrepretations
Takedowns and Reversals by Tony Campolo
Near Fall and Escapes by Scott Myers and Jack Kruse
Illegal Holds by Jim Vreeland
2008-09 Rules Clinic by Jim Woolnough
Basic School for Officials by Jim Woolnough
2009-10 Pre Meet Instruction Cards
Random Draw Kits - Make You Own 
Body Speak by Dr. Peter Sacco - used by permission from Referee Magazine 
For subscription info contact Referee magazine at 800 733 6100 or
Verbalizing by Bob Turner
Professionalism in Wrestling by Bob Turner
Stalling by Dick Loewenstine 
NWCA Skin Conditions Webinar - EXCELLENT
Role of the Assistant Referee by Jon Hammond
Assistant Referee Responsibility list
Lansing Wrestling Officials Association
Assistant Referee Powerpoint by Ron Minoletti
Verbal Judo Powerpoint by Mark Uyl 
Verbal Judo Presentation by Mark Uyl to the All American Wrestling Association
AWESOME new timer / scorers 2 page instructions
Leg Wrestling - A guideline to calling stalemate and stalling
KWOA - A Guide to Stalling
Conflict Resolution by Dave Gannaway
Referee and their Duties by Byron Olson
Illegal Holds by Deno White (Great Photos)
Wrestling Referee Signals and Mechanics by Mark McClenathan
Edge of Mat and Out of Bounds Calls by John Hosage
NFHS Wrestling Stalling by Dick Loewenstine 
AAAA MHSAA Clinic Presentation
New York Video on Control 40 minutes Excellent